Our New Mission: Give Your Customers a Better Experience
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James Rice Mcaulay

What do online customers value most? A great customer experience.

What helps brands become trusted leaders in their industries? Great customer experiences.

Brands that prioritize customer service with engaging, informative, and humanlike interactions with shoppers are more likely to bring those shoppers back for repeat visits. If people can experience memorable and helpful experiences while visiting online stores, they’ll remember the experience, and they’ll remember the brand. That’s how you lay the foundation for repeatable, scalable growth.

That philosophy is what helped inspire a merger involving two industry leaders brought together by a shared passion to fulfill customer experiences. For years, Covertelligence and Recheckit have been working independently to tackle different aspects of improving the customer experience. Recheckit helps businesses engage and convert website visitors while Covertelligence uses AI to create unique online user experiences.

Now, they’ll put their talents together and provide even more value to their customers.

Merging conversion technology with AI turns customers into fans

"None of our competitors are working with anything like this. Our goal is to revolutionise the way companies communicate with their customers, and enable them to create unique experiences tailored to each and every customer," says Arash Saidi, CEO of the merged company.

Convertelligence and Recheckit will work together to create a leading platform for proactive digital assistants. The goal is to help businesses to increase their turnover online, and handle the customer journey from A to Å. After working together on a combined customer project, the two companies saw a huge potential in further developing their cooperation, in order to create new business opportunities. This cooperation eventually led to discussions regarding merging the two companies.

Recheckit allows businesses to engage and convert website visitors through its conversion technology, which helps to meet every objective the company has set for their website. By integrating this technology with the advanced machine-learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technology that Convertelligence has developed, we can create unique user experiences online.

Convertelligence has developed relationships with some of the largest companies in the Nordics. The company has placed a lot of emphasis on technology and product development, and has built a product development division with expertise within machine learning and NLP. Recheckit has, on its side, had a strong commercial focus, and built a significant customer base with many international brands. Both companies regard the technology and possibilities as highly compatible and complementary, and the merger leaves the company positioned for strong international growth.

The future of e-commerce and customer service with Kindly

Recheckit’s expertise in using technology to boost conversion rate optimization, combined with Convertelligence’s natural affinity for machine learning and NLP software, allows the two companies to pool their resources into a platform that excels at conversational commerce and virtual shopping assistance. This forms the cornerstone of the Kindly brand in an effort to improve customer service and recreate in-store shopping experience online.

The merger allows Kindly’s clients to reconnect with shoppers who previously abandoned their checkouts. Kindly’s cart abandonment solutions enabled Schibsted to deploy customized email campaigns that motivated shoppers to return to the Schibsted website and finish their checkouts. The campaigns generated a 39% improvement in click through rates to the Schibsted website and an 11% conversion rate to complete the checkout process.

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