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Unlock the power of customer support automation with the leading customer service chatbot

It’s important to provide 24/7 customer support, so that people can get answers to their questions whenever they need them and however they need them.

That’s why Kindly has built a customer service chatbot for websites that automates and enhances your website customer experience. Give your buyers the information they need and make better use of your team’s time and resources to maximize productivity and profitability for your business.

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Save time and reduce the repetitive workload of customer support team members

Help your customer service representatives save their own time by using Kindly to automate the process of answering repetitive questions. Powered by AI and machine learning technology, Kindly’s chatbot is always learning new ways to enhance customer experiences. Our technology handles the lion’s share of repeat customer questions so that your team can shift resources towards strategic business goals that deliver the best results.

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Deliver the future of customer service with a conversational commerce platform that boosts conversions.

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"We chose Kindly because of its simplicity and ease of use. We liked its multilingual capabilities, and the fact that it allowed us to connect easily with other systems"
We chose Kindly because of its simplicity and ease of use. We liked its multilingual capabilities, and the fact that it allowed us to connect easily with other systems
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Increase employee and customer satisfaction by creating an automated conversational playbook
An automated customer support chatbot empowers your customer support team to develop a playbook to best engage with shoppers at each stage of the buying journey to maximize the revenue potential from each buyer. If revenue is going up, it means customers are getting the information they need. And if customers get what they need without overburdening your employees, then everyone’s happy and everyone wins!
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Make your team’s lives easier by taking the bulk of customer enquiries off their plates
If you help your team focus only on the most important customer support requests, you make their lives easier and allow them to become more productive. Additionally, by strategically devoting your top customer service team members to handle support requests with the highest potential for the brand, you’re increasing revenue for the business.
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Increase employee satisfaction by reducing repetitive tasks
There’s no question that customer support teams who handle repetitive questions and complaints can only do it for so long before they need a break. With our customer support chatbot, you take the day to day challenge of handling customer enquiries off your team’s plate and allow a programmable AI chatbot to engage in humanlike dialogue to save you time and improve your customer support team’s processes.
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Implement 24/7 global opening hours to make customer support available anytime, anywhere
You need to provide 24/7 global support if you want to build satisfying customer experiences and earn more referrals from happy customers. A chatbot never sleeps, never needs a lunch break, and never takes holidays; it can handle common customer enquiries at any time of the day and from any part of the world. Imagine how satisfied customers will be with your service when they have instant access to the information they need on their terms instead of yours.
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Lean on the chatbot’s machine learning capabilities so that it gets better over time
Machine learning technology is always learning as it’s exposed to more visitors and responds to more questions. The process is semi-automatic with the help of a human bot trainer in that they go into the backend regularly and look at the unsuccessful dialogues. It can then be programmed to speak multiple languages, provide satisfying customer enquiries, and develop an onsite journey that increases average order value (AOV) and conversions.
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Make more efficient use of your team’s resources and avoid downsizing employee headcount
Help your team shift resources to where they can be most valuable for the business and handle peaks in service enquiries that often happen outside of normal office hours - all while maintaining an optimal customer experience for your website shoppers. You’ll earn more ROI from each employee as they shift towards big picture goals that help your brand grow.
“Before: 90% of chats went through to the live agents “ We needed 3-6 agents available on chat. Now, with Kindly, we can do the same job with 1-3 agents”
Martijn Doomenerik
“The best part of Kindly is all the possibilities. A single integration enables so much more functionality. Seeing the possibilities with the API and webhooks from the inside makes the platform very, very rich in functionality."
Mikael Svensson, Nordic Webmaster, Adecco
“We decided on Kindly because the company has high expertise in the field and many exciting customer case studies and success stories. Kindly is also a Norwegian start-up and we found them easy to work with”
Rune Bakken, Enterprise Architect, Olav Thon Gruppen
“Kindly’s implementation team did all of the heavy lifting. I was amazed at how much attention we received, the follow-up that was provided, and the amount of help and support provided along the way. Kindly is an excellent partner with hands-on and accessible service, and we certainly felt that commitment and dedication.”
Anette Onshuus, Business Developer, Helthjem
“With Kindly, we can confidently handle high volumes of new customer requests. With a platform like theirs, we were able to accelerate our growth.”
Thomas, Customer Experience, NBX
"Kindly believes in the value of building a team dynamic, investing in personal relationships, and providing solution-oriented technology that aligns with our core values as a business. They have a healthy belief in all of these concepts, and their technology is easy for us to use and understand. Kindly has helped us improve our lead qualification and buying process, and we’re very excited to make their solutions a cornerstone of our own ventures."
Andreas Kløvning, Regional Manager, Oslo and Viken
“We made a very good decision choosing Kindly.”
Kent Hafskjær, Nordic After Sales Channel Manager, Elkjøp
“Since Kindly is a startup, they’re very open and flexible about everything (...) That’s a very good plus point. When you look at other companies that are bigger chatbot companies, I don’t think they would be this flexible.”
Evelien Jacobs, Social Media and Community Specialist, Kahoot!
"We started working with Kindly because we wanted to serve our customers better. Kindly optimizes the customer experience without compromising the quality of service we can offer. For example, our chatbot is available to customers outside of business hours. It gives them the same information a human support agent could. This means we can now push out information to our customers the fastest way possible. In our industry, that's a game changer."
Rikke Erichsen, VP of Customer Success, Xplora Technologies
"We chose Kindly because of its simplicity and ease of use. We liked its multilingual capabilities, and the fact that it allowed us to connect easily with other systems."
Edward Thorstad, Chief Customer Officer, Norwegian