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Kindly provides LLMs and machine learning that scales with your business. Our multilingual models understands your user questions in any language, both long and short, with slang or spelling mistakes. Easy for you, and easy for your customers.
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Our partnership initiative is based on our belief that we are stronger together. We would love for you to join and we welcome ideas that expand the value we offer to our customers.No matter what industry you work in, our offerings further enhance support, sales, e-commerce, and marketing teams. Experience how easy it is to integrate the Kindly platform and how fun it is to work with the Kindly team.
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Kindly is a premier partner to deliver cutting-edge and AI-powered technological services. We are currently supporting over 150 companies across Europe, by enhancing the value of customer service and the impact of their online commerce programs with modern and automated solutions. Our technology is very malleable and flexible, adapting to unique KPIs for each individual partner and enabling a greater end user experience. Members of our partnership program gain access to new product developments in testing, creative insights acquired from real life customer interactions, and revenue sharing programs that improve growth for everyone.

Discover a fully customisable Conversational AI that integrates with any platform

Kindly is an immersive Conversational AI that transforms digital engagement into humanlike interactions between your brand and your shoppers. Our platform is powered by machine learning technology, and it fully integrates into diverse platforms like Slack, MailChimp, Facebook Messenger, Giphy, Zendesk, and more.
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Dynamic technology, easy-to-integrate scripts

Our conversion rate optimization tools work independent of your e-commerce platform. It’s an easy script to inject into the your website and has no effect on site loading times.
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Integrate with leading platforms

Kindly easily integrates with leading platforms such as Facebook Messenger, HubSpot, or Zendesk.
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Fast time from development to launch

We’ve built an easy-to-use solution that can be fully developed, deployed, and put to use in less than 3 weeks of consultation and implementation.
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Powerful API

Our powerful API enables custom integrations with most CRMs, ticketing systems, messengers, and e-commerce platforms.

We help you create authentic, humanlike dialogues and convert customers on your e-commerce website

Our mission is to transfer the personalised touch of in-store service online. We help e-commerce companies develop one-on-one digital encounters with online shoppers at every stage of the customer journey. Using our programmable and iterative Virtual Shopping Assistant, we’ve helped clients build experiences that translate into repeat business, increased revenue, and higher AOV.
Using our programmable, multilingual chatbot in combination with our powerfuil API, we’ve helped clients build experiences that translate into repeat business, increased revenue, and higher AOV.

We support our partners and customers

Kindly is a platform for building chat bots and conversion optimization. It's also a portal for managing your bots, enabling you to see real-time conversations, statistics, and provides tools for customizing and adding the Kindly chat bubble to your website.

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