Kindly: How it all began

Kindly was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2016 with a goal of bridging the gap between human communication and shopping behaviors and efficient, automated services. We recognized that brands too often hide behind contact forms and don't fully focus on their customer's communication and service needs. We also realized that customer support teams often complete repetitive tasks that increase their workload and add up unnecessary costs for their companies. We saw a problem and we wanted to solve it.
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The Kindly journey continues

By 2018, we had built a mature platform for chatbots powered by AI and NLP (natural language processing) technology that continues to thrive today and is used by leading brands in the e-commerce, travel, logistics, and finance industry. In 2020, we completed a merger with Recheckit that enabled our platform to become even more interactive as we continue our expansion into new markets, incorporate new languages into our solutions, and increase the reach of our technology across multiple platforms.

We create genuine
one-to-one digital interactions

Our mission is to help e-commerce brands transform any encounter, on any channel, into a first-class, interactive experience to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. We help online shops transform any encounter, on any channel, into a first-class, interactive experience to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.


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70 000 000

Annual user interactions across 300 domains

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Partner with us to grow your business

If you’re working in the e-commerce space, or help companies improve their online stores and digital experiences, Kindly is the best partner to deliver cutting-edge technological services. We’ve helped over 130 companies across Europe enhance the value of customer service and the impact of their e-commerce programs with modern and automated solutions.

Our technology is very malleable and flexible, adapting to unique KPIs for each individual partner and enabling a greater end user experience. Members of our partnership program gain access to new product developments in testing, creative insights acquired from real life customer interactions, and revenue sharing programs that improve growth for everyone.

Some of our partners

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We aim to be the best so we hire only the best

If you have a passion and skill set for delivering exceptional shopping experiences for customers, we want to hear from you and learn what you can add to our growing team dynamic.
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