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  • Subprocessors

    Last updated • 29.06.2022

    To support delivery of our Services, Kindly may engage and use third party data processors with access to certain Customer Data (each, a "Subprocessor").

    This page details the identity, location and purpose of each Subprocessor.

    Kindly may use the following Subprocessors to host or process Customer Data, or provide other infrastructure that helps with delivery of our Services:

    Entity NamePurposeLocationApplicable service
    Amazon Web ServicesHosting & infrastructureIreland, EUConversion technology
    Google Cloud ServicesHosting & infrastructureBelgium, EUBot platform
    PusherData transfer & networkingEUBot platform
    MongoDB AtlasDatabase hostingBelgium, EUBot platform
    TimescaleDBDatabase hostingBelgium, EUBot platform
    Elastic CloudDatabase hostingBelgium, EUBot platform
    New RelicApplication monitoringEUBot platform
    SendgridEmail deliveryEUBot platform

    The following subprocessors are tied to optional services affiliated with using the platform:

    Entity NamePurposeLocationApplicable service
    HubspotNewsletter subscriptions (optional)Frankfurt, EUGeneral
    MixpanelUser Usage Analytics (optional)EUGeneral