New Kindly Feature – Nudge
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James Rice Mcaulay

Getting people's attention online is becoming more and more challenging. People are smart enough to know when they’re on the aggressive side of a sales push, and they know how to tune that type of assertive salesmanship out.

Instead of haphazardly pushing product after product upon people, encourage your brand to return to the core pillars of customer service. This means engaging in the form of active listening and creating an interactive dialogue with shoppers. Demonstrate your commitment to active listening by allowing the shopper to lay out their needs and respond with solutions designed to address the specific needs of the request.

The art of the nudge - how to add value to customer interactions

Good customer service means putting the customer’s needs first - answering questions, giving valuable recommendations, etc. Operating from this principle would also help you nurture brand loyalty. Building your business on repeat customers is a sustainable business model. It increases the lifetime value derived from each customer, and it’s a far more scalable and sustainable model than focusing on customer acquisition.

Our new feature, Nudge, operates on this principle. Using Nudge, you’ll be able to both identify and understand the customer’s intent by analyzing their actions and triggers that spur people to take action. You can add even more value to the shopping experience by actively recommending specific solutions for shoppers - whether it’s an upsell, a different product, or simply more information for greater context.

Personalization is the key to fruitful customer-chatbot interactions

Our new Nudge feature aims to personalize each of your customer’s journeys through your website. By responding to triggers with relevant messaging, our chatbots are able to engage, assist, and convert your customers more effectively. Think of it as a way of combining on-site advertising with chat, and then throw in the right amount of tailored messaging.

Why is there a need for a helpful nudge? The reason is to maximize value from existing shoppers and optimize your onsite traffic. Companies are spending a lot of money on marketing, bringing traffic to their site. Bounce rates vary wildly though, with some even seeing bounce rates in excess of 90%, representing high customer acquisition costs.

Rather than allow those staggering bounce rates to continue, use Nudge to engage in conversational dialogue with shoppers to trigger engagement and motivate them to stick around for longer periods of time. Part of the shopping journey is discovery. For shoppers, discovery is learning what your site has to offer; for your brand, discovery means identifying each shopper’s specific needs so you can offer up the right solution.

A simple nudge may be all that’s necessary to spark that conversation and motivate higher onsite engagement rates. That’s the power of our technology so nudge yourself in the right direction and provide even greater value to your shoppers.

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