Møller Mobility Group will use a chatbot from Kindly as one of several measures to create better customer experiences
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James Rice Mcaulay

Oslo, 20. September 2021. Møller Mobility Group, one of Northern Europe’s leading automotive companies, is a family-owned company that imports, sells, services and finances car brands such as Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and CUPRA.

“The automotive industry is changing rapidly. The future of mobility is heading towards autonomous transportation, the sharing economy, selection and availability - as we also see an increased need for relevant information, and help to make good decisions regarding new cars, financing and service, which all remain important aspects of the customer experience. We’re therefore investing a lot in digitalization, product development and technical services for our current and future customers”, says Kim Motrøen, Acting Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at Harald A. Møller.

Harald A. Møller is the importer and is responsible for each car brand in Norway, and is the company that rolls out solutions for its brands.

As part of these efforts, Harald A. Møller is now investing in a chatbot solution from Kindly. With an automated chatbot, customers will be able to get help 24/7 when they’re visiting audi.no, volkswagen.no, nyttekjoretory.no, skoda.no, seat.no or cupra.no. If necessary, they can also chat with one of Harald A. Møller’s customer service representatives.

“We want to create fantastic customer experiences that amaze both customers and employees. Our new chat solution will play an important role in contributing towards this”, says Motrøen.

Will create fantastic customer experiences

Arash Saidi, CEO and Co-Founder of Kindly, is very happy to have Møller Mobility Group on the customer roster.

“Today’s digital consumers have higher expectations, and Møller Mobility Group has made it clear to us that quality and customer journey are important strategic areas for them. It’s therefore very nice, and a real vote of confidence that they’re choosing to work with us over the next few years”, says Arash.

Introducing a proactive chatbot

Arash emphasizes that Møller’s new chatbot will not only assist with general customer service enquiries, but also help customers to buy or configure a new car, whether it’s a Volkswagen ID.4, Audi Q4 e-tron or a Skoda ENYAQ.

“Chatbots are often used to solve general customer service enquiries, although there are many more areas where Møller Mobility Group can use a chatbot. Whether you need financing or are going to buy a new car, a chatbot can be proactive and a valuable contributor to the customer journey, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction”, says Kim Motrøen from Harald A. Møller.

About Møller Mobility Group and Harald A. Møller

Møller Mobility Group is a group of companies that imports, sells, services and finances vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and CUPRA. They are active in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic countries, and is one of the largest automotive companies in Northern Europe. The employee headcount currently numbers over 4000 employees. The company was founded by Harald Aars Møller in 1936, and is still owned by the Møller family. Øyvind Schage Førde, the great grandson of Harald, is the chairman. Harald A. Møller handles the import operations of the group, and is responsible for all of the car brands in Norway, along with the customer contact centre. Check out moller.no for more information.

About Kindly

E-commerce businesses choose Kindly as an innovative and reliable partner to build exceptional on-site customer experiences that boost online sales and improve customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate Kindly’s implementation services and determination to provide committed and dedicated customer support for all related needs. Headquartered in Oslo and with an office in Stockholm, Kindly helps eCommerce brands transform any encounter, using any channel, and at any stage of the buying journey into a first-class customer experience that enables shoppers to immediately receive the right answers to their questions. Customers include Helly Hansen, Elkjøp, Ellos, Conrad Electronic, Schibsted, Kahoot!, Adecco, Tidal, and dozens of other businesses.

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Tobias Arns, CMO at Kindly, tobias.arns@kindly.ai, +47 92024305

Kim Motrøen, Acting Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at Harald A. Møller, kim.motroen@moller.no, +47 91794726

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