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Start your 14-day free trial now and empower your brand to take advantage of every customer interaction and conversion opportunity.

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Why you should start your free trial today

  • Leverage the power of an advanced AI-powered chatbot
  • Create answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Be available for your customers 24/7
  • Automate responses to and repetitive customer questions
  • Free up vital resources to deal with more complex enquiries
  • Get instant insight into what your customers are concerned about

How to get started?

Start your free trial

Follow these steps to get your free trial underway. Press the button above. Enter your details in the chatbot. Allow Kindly to follow up. Receive your login details

Access our platform and see how easy it is to use

Once you receive your login instructions, you'll have the ability to sign in using the email address attached to your account. The trial is intended to give you a taste of Kindly's easy-to-use platform to build and maintain various chatbots within the 14-day scope.

Easily integrate with your website in only 10 minutes

We'll show you how to connect the chatbots to your system so that you can monitor customer behavioral data and engagement with Kindly's solutions. You can interact with the backend of the platform, and familiarise yourself with how to create new chatbot playbooks across your website. Deploying a chatbot is real easy; so is creating human-like dialogues, and we're here to help.

Learn how to build, edit, optimise, and deploy chatbot experiences

Once you learn how the platform works, start putting it to good use. Set aside some time and resources in the beginning to build an effective bot with humanlike dialogue that's meant to answer real customer questions. This is the key to creating a successful project, and it will allow you to demonstrate real value derived from the chatbot.

Create sales and service with a conversational commerce platform

Our user-friendly conversational commerce solutions and powerful conversion tools transform any encounter, using any channel and at any stage of the buying journey into a first-class experience to enhance value and increase customer loyalty and brand affinity.