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  • Use our Virtual Shopping Assistant to fuel your
    e-commerce business growth

    E-commerce customer experiences have become the defining touchpoint of your brand experience. That’s why our Conversational AI is a helpful navigator that delivers value at every step of the customer journey. By combining our 3 core products “Nudge” for Conversion Optimization, a Conversational AI Chatbot, and Cart Abandonment Messages, it increases conversion rates by up to 12%, average order value by up to 25%, and can automate between 30 and 90% of all customer enquiries.

    What does Conversational AI do?

    Conversational AI is a digital version of an in-store salesperson and customer support combined, providing the same level of service to drive up conversions and boost customer satisfaction. Our Conversational AI helps you to create outstanding shopping and user experiences that fuel growth for your business, by combining 3 products into one convenient platform: Conversational AI Chatbot, Conversion Optimization and Cart Abandonment Messages.

    Guide customers to the items that match their needs

    Our Conversational AI helps customers to buy with confidence based on interactive guides and questionnaires.These proactive sales tactics help shoppings find the right products, which heavily reduces the chance of returns.

    Use Conversational AI to greet and convert more traffic into sales

    Our Conversational AI does everything from greet and guide customers towards making a purchase with personalised messaging and support. A satisfied customer spends more with your brand, with a noticeable impact on average order value. With value-added digital shopping assistance, you keep more shoppers buying from your website and away from the competition.

    Simplified integrations make it easy to launch and use our Conversational AI

    The most effective technology is easy to implement and requires little to no coding or IT skills. At Kindly, our Conversational AI seamlessly connects with your tech stack and can be deployed in under 10 minutes.

    Deploy personalized product messaging to trigger purchase behaviour

    Ensure that all of your website push messaging and product recommendations are aligned with your audience interests. Our Conversational AI uses machine learning and behavioural data to trigger personalized offers that are most likely to drive conversions and purchase orders.

    Create authentic conversations optimized for all devices

    Our Conversational AI helps you develop automated conversations in the most authentic and humanlike manner for all devices. Over 70% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices, and our platform supports personalized website engagement from anywhere.

    Create your own Virtual Shopping Assistant with Kindly

    Kindly is an easy to use and fully customizable technology that optimizes high amounts of website traffic and converts users into loyal customers. We believe there is opportunity in every encounter, and our platform is built to help your e-commerce brand scale and grow.

    Quick to launch

    Our AI-powered virtual shopping assistant overcomes the limitations of traditional online shopping to create memorable experiences that launch in an average of 3 weeks.

    Powerful language tools

    We help you get the most out of language data with machine learning technology that uses data to authentically speak the language of your shoppers.

    Ready-to-go templates

    We provide built-in conversational templates that make it easy to deploy your Virtual Shopping Assistant and start engaging with your shoppers.

    Natural digital dialogue

    Our world-class NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology is always learning and absorbing new data so that you can develop customised website experiences that increase conversions.

    Our Virtual Shopping Assistant helps you satisfy more customers and grow your e-commerce business

    Our Virtual Shopping Assistant gives e-commerce brands the precise suite of products to improve customer satisfaction, automate business processes, and gain ROI.

    We believe that customer loyalty is what drives business success - that’s why we’re meeting the demands of consumers and improving the buyer journey through this powerful combination of products.

    Some of our e-commerce customers

    Helly Hansen
    Happy Socks

    What our customers are saying

    “The choice fell on Kindly. They have unique expertise as well as the most user friendly platform.”

    Kent Hafskjær, Elkjøp

    Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

    Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.