Transform website users into satisfied buyers with a machine learning chatbot

Dedicated in-store representatives answer questions and offer product knowledge so that shoppers feel comfortable spending money. That’s the experience that’s needed online to replicate those sales. That's why we’ve built a machine learning chatbot that uses conversational AI to engage with online shoppers in a highly personalized manner that guides them to complete their purchase.

What is conversational AI machine learning?

People don’t buy from businesses - they buy from other people. That’s why helpful sales reps are so successful at converting in-store browsing into real purchases. A conversational AI chatbot replicates that experience by interacting with online shoppers in a humanlike way. The software’s machine learning capabilities learn how to respond to frequently asked questions to provide shoppers with the reassurance they need to complete a checkout. As time goes on, the machine learning element determines how to improve the customer experience, so that your customers always experience the maximum value and your business gets the most conversions.

Predict how to achieve higher conversion rates

What if you could predict a shopper’s likelihood of converting and completing a sale? You could create the types of engagement that boost conversion rates and increase the average order value per shopper. All of that is possible using machine learning technology.

Maximise your customer success team resources

The best technology learns and evolves by engaging with people. That’s what makes our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model such an effective and “always on” piece of software, providing one-to-one dialogue in humanlike ways. Instead of answering repetitive questions, your customer support team can focus on more complex queries. This means you can satisfy more customers without increasing your team’s workload - a huge benefit for employee satisfaction and overall business growth.

Develop data-driven chat playbooks that guide shoppers to make informed decisions & purchases

Knowledge is power, and data helps you develop useful insights. Imagine if you built a playbook of humanlike dialogue that provides shoppers with an engaging and interactive digital experience: this is fully possible with our machine learning conversational AI technology.

Future-proof your chatbot with new & improved dialogue

Don’t worry about your AI falling behind new engineering breakthroughs. We’ve programmed our machine learning software to integrate the latest and greatest research from enterprise and academia, ensuring your AI chatbot always uses the latest technology.

Automatically optimise your customer experience

The goal with AI is that it’s always learning - every single second of the day. By understanding what makes your customers tick and consistently keeping them satisfied, your conversion rates automatically grow and optimise themselves.

Use conversational AI machine learning to convert customer conversations into sales

Kindly leverages the power of transfer learning and end-to-end neural modelling, making your language the star of the show. We give you the tools to have full control over the language in your conversational AI chatbot, while our models rely on semantically-aware language and massive data sets to constantly learn new expressions that further engage with online shoppers.

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Technology for today and the future

Get the most out of the language data you create. Our infrastructure is modular and future-proof, delivering second-to-none AI & machine learning technology for today and tomorrow.

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Here, there, and everywhere

We’re more than a chatbot that lives on your site. We seamlessly integrate with Facebook Messenger, Zendesk, HubSpot and and many more platforms.

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Automate processes and communication

Take the guesswork and the red tape out of your development process. Our AI technology is truly innovative, ensuring increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

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Always available, 24/7

Our machine learning assistants never sleep, never take a holiday, and never get sick. You keep your virtual doors open to your online shoppers all day, every day.

Innovating conversational experiences for clients everywhere

We give you an innovative and forward-thinking AI software to provide you with a leg up on your competitors. Kindly let's you leverage conversational AI and machine learning in the form of a chatbot in order to create humanlike interactions with shoppers as they browse for products.

The one-to-one engagement recreates in-store personal customer service, and guides shoppers along their journey until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Some of our customers

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What our customers are saying

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"We chose Kindly because of its simplicity and ease of use. We liked its multilingual capabilities, and the fact that it allowed us to connect easily with other systems."

Edward Thorstad, Norwegian

Boost sales and improve service with conversational commerce

Our user-friendly conversational commerce platform and powerful conversion tools transform any encounter, using any channel and at any stage of the buying journey into a first-class experience to enhance value and increase customer loyalty and brand affinity.