Take advantage of every sales opportunity with the right conversion rate optimization tools

Our newest conversion rate optimization tool, Nudge, already has a proven track record of increasing conversion rates by up to 12% and average order value by up to 25%. It's fully customizable and appears as a native value-added benefit on your website, driving shoppers to complete purchases, and increasing the average order value per conversion. Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all it takes.

How do our conversion rate optimization tools work?

We call it Nudge because our conversion rate optimization tool blends unique and helpful pop up software with personalized sales recommendations to improve the customer experience without the annoying disruptions of traditional pop up ads. We’ve built an easy to implement system that can be technically incorporated into your website in under 10 minutes. We also have a proven implementation formula that translates your ideas into usable assets on your website in only 3 weeks. If you need help setting things up, we offer managed services to help you get Nudge up and running to point users in the right direction in no time at all.

Craft value-added messages that convert shoppers into buyers

Often, all it takes is the right Nudge for customers to complete a purchase online. That’s why our conversion optimization software deploys custom offers that increase conversion rates by up to 12%.

Enable product recommendations that guide shoppers toward conversion

In-store shoppers may ask to be directed to the products they wish to buy. Why not recreate that experience online with product recommendation software that Nudges people in the form of a virtual shopping guide? It speeds up the journey, boosts customer satisfaction, and of course maximizes conversion rates.

Use behavioural data to increase conversion rates

The value of a chatbot is measured in how well it delivers the information that users need. That’s why our conversion rate optimization tool fully integrates with built-in chatbots, leveraging behavioural data from a library of chats to learn, optimize, Nudge, and satisfy user interests.

Simplify business decisions with access to the right conversion analytics

Data allows you to make strategic business decisions, and quick access to data speeds up your ability to make changes. Access your engagement data with a quick login into Kindly, and use those insights to maximise earning potential.

Develop a native conversion optimization tool that fully reflects your brand

Conversion optimization tools have come a long way - especially since we’ve developed ours with AI and machine learning technology. With our customisable solution, our tool appears fully native and matches any and all brand style requirements. This helps you Nudge people to convert at higher rates, become more satisfied, and scale business growth.

Discover conversion rate optimization tools with proven results

Kindly has simple, customizable, and proven conversion optimization tools that boost conversion rates and average order value for e-commerce businesses around the globe. We believe that outstanding online shopping experiences are achieved by recreating personable in-store service with authentic and native technology to Nudge shoppers to the solutions they need.

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Dynamic technology, easy-to-integrate scripts

Our conversion rate optimization tools work independent of your e-commerce platform. It’s an easy script to inject into the your website and has no effect on site loading times.

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Proven to reduce abandoned carts

Minimize the number of lost sales with our automated and personalized product recommendations that guide shoppers to the products they want to buy.

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Fast time from development to launch

We’ve built an easy-to-use solution that can be fully developed, deployed, and put to use in less than 3 weeks of consultation and implementation.

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Leverage existing data and AI technology

Our conversion software integrates with your existing e-commerce platform data and makes real-time recommendations based on on-site customer behaviour.

Discover the benefits of better conversion rates and AI-powered technology

We help make your conversion rate optimization strategy more efficient and more effective. That’s why we’ve built our conversion rate optimization tools that have a proven track record of improving website conversions.

Kindly seamlessly integrates with your existing technology to gather insightful audience data, deliver the best possible customer experience, and drive sales.

Some of our e-commerce customers

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What our customers are saying

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“We are very satisfied with the custom solutions Kindly has provided for us. Their technology works well and has contributed to solid growth in our online store.”

Theodor Tollefsen, Helly Hansen

Boost sales and improve service with conversational commerce

Our user-friendly conversational commerce platform and powerful conversion tools transform any encounter, using any channel and at any stage of the buying journey into a first-class experience to enhance value and increase customer loyalty and brand affinity.