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  • Experience an AI-powered chatbot that automates customer support and increases conversion rates

    Our Conversational AI chatbot automates sales and customer support on your website by using the same relationship-building skills that happen with in-person shopping.

    Rather than just sitting on a website like traditional chatbots, our Conversational AI chatbot takes things to the next level: it proactively makes personalized recommendations using human-like dialogue so that shoppers easily find what they need. This enables you to offer 24/7 global opening hours without having to make additional hires. Our Conversational AI is fully customizable and can be used for every purpose imaginable - and it doesn’t slow down your website.

    How does our Conversational AI Chatbot work?

    We help you build the shortest path between customer support and customer satisfaction by using our Conversational AI Chatbot to directly engage with your online shoppers. People value the personalised touch of in-person experiences, and our Conversational AI Chatbot enables precisely this with a one-to-one digital dialogue. As a result, you can automate the repetitive stuff so that your support agents can focus on the complex issues.

    Our Conversational AI Chatbot proactively sells

    What makes our bot stand out from the others? Unlike other bots, it doesn't just sit there and wait for a question. It knows how to sell! Our conversion optimization tool Nudge is built into our Conversational AI Chatbot. This means the bot can be trained to know your product catalogue and react to shopper behaviour and purchase intent. Just like an attentive, in-person shop assistant, it helps your customers find what they need, so they can buy with confidence.

    Get access to a Conversational AI Chatbot that improves your marketing strategy

    Because our Conversational AI Chatbot is a core product within the Kindly platform, it can collect customer email addresses to be added into a CRM. By using the chatbot in this way, you can generate leads and create more opportunities for conversions later on. And not to forget, it also collects GDPR consent for marketing communications.

    Drive business growth with a self-learning Conversational AI Chatbot

    Our Conversational AI Chatbot is powered by self-learning AI technology that analyses user behaviour. It also proactively engages with shoppers to guide them towards the optimal purchase for their needs - all of which automatically improves over time. In turn, this increases your conversion rate, average order value, and grows your business.

    Create a custom Conversational AI Chatbot that matches your business and customer needs

    Our conversational chatbots are entirely customisable so that they enhance the entire customer experience on your website. No matter whether you’d like to offer personalised product recommendations, generate leads, or automatically answer questions - we’ve got the bot for that! Not to mention our bot speaks 14 languages and more can be added within 4 weeks.

    Get access to a Conversational AI Chatbot that runs with maximum speed

    With conversational chatbots like ours, you never have to worry about it slowing down your website. We run with maximum speed, as well as seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. With Kindly as your Conversational AI Chatbot, you give your customers a better online shopping experience and are ready to launch in only 3 weeks.

    Empower your brand with 24/7 global Conversational AI Chatbot support

    Kindly’s commitment to exceptional AI tools begins with conversational chatbots powered by automated technology and authentic human dialogue. We recreate the personalised in-store shopping experience online, so that your customers are fully satisfied with your website experience and make more purchases.

    More than words

    Kindly lets you create lively dialogues with videos, pictures, emojis and gifs. A great-looking chatbot conversation is only a few clicks away.

    Create a natural conversation

    Create natural dialogue flows with Kindly’s advanced machine learning technology. Our world-class natural language understanding (NLU) engine enables your bot to suggest alternative replies, making it even smarter.

    Get organized with labels

    Attach multiple labels to your chatbot conversations, and analyze what your customers and your chatbot are talking about in order to improve future dialogues.

    Integrate with different platforms

    Set up your conversational chatbots on different platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.

    Authentically automate support and drive conversions with a powerful & custom AI Chatbot

    We help e-commerce companies develop one-on-one digital encounters with online shoppers at every stage of the customer journey in order to transfer the personalised touch of in-store service online.

    Using our fully customisable and highly personalised Conversational AI Chatbot, we’ve helped clients build experiences that translate into repeat business, increased revenue, and higher order values.

    Some of our chatbot customers

    Thon Hotels

    What our customers are saying

    “Kindly’s implementation team did all of the heavy lifting. Kindly is an excellent partner with hands-on and accessible service, and we certainly felt that commitment and dedication.”

    Anette Onshuus, Helthjem

    Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

    Kindly’s platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.