Harness the power of cart abandonment software to convert shopping intent into direct sales

More than 70% of e-commerce shoppers abandon their carts at checkout. Imagine if you could reconnect with those who left their carts, and guide them to complete the checkout. It is possible - with our product Cart Abandonment Messages. This product is cart abandonment email software, that converts what you thought were lost shoppers into revenue generating buyers.

Why Cart Abandonment software is crucial for e-commerce brands

Some people begin shopping for products before it’s the right time for them to buy. For this reason, it’s important to have cart abandonment email solutions on hand so that you can continue to engage and stay top of mind with shoppers while they mull over their decision. With our product Cart Abandonment Messages, you have the power to re-engage the buyer, create a better customer experience, and increase sales.

Win back your lost buyers with re-engagement emails

What if you could automatically trigger re-engagement emails to bring shoppers back to your site to complete their checkouts? It’s fully possible with our cart abandonment recovery software. After all, optimising your website to engage and re-engage with existing visitors is a highly lucrative decision.

A message for every buyer - an opportunity in every encounter

Never look at online cart abandonment as a lost sale. Every shopper chooses to purchase or not to purchase for their own reasons. But what you can be sure of is that you have the right Cart Abandonment Messages in place to continue to engage with them. Instead of waiting for them to come back, give them the incentive they need to take that final step towards checkout.

Increase open, clickthrough, and conversion rates to drum up business

If you make the effort to engage with online shoppers, you want to know that it will pay off. That’s why our abandoned cart email software is designed to drive open, clickthrough, and conversion rates so you maximise your earning potential.

Produce short and long-term business results that scale e-commerce brand growth

Engagement data shapes your business strategy. Use our software to analyse the recovery rate and all other engagement statistics relevant to your business. This helps you make effective decisions for the short and long-term health of your e-commerce brand.

Access comprehensive abandoned cart recovery options

Our cart abandonment software comes with both email and SMS recovery options, as well as in personalised, yet also templated formats. We help you automate abandoned cart recovery so that you save time and money, as well as increase sales.

Reconnect with shoppers with our automated cart abandonment solutions

As a dedicated provider of Cart Abandonment Messages, we help you increase conversion rates for your e-commerce business. Every email deployed with our software is measurable, so that you can continuously optimise your engagement strategy, and maximise your CTR and conversion rates to achieve growth for your brand.

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Increase conversion rates by 10%

Re-engage and convert lost purchases with Cart Abandonment Messages that help you reconnect with customers who abandoned an online order.

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Grow your list of engaged shoppers

The goal with re-engagement email contact is for customers to become deeply engaged with your website and brand. When you have the right email strategy in place, there’s greater potential to recover abandoned carts and make sales.

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Supports email and SMS

Your cart abandonment recovery strategy can be deployed both via email or SMS. You could even arrange for both options to up the odds for engagement.

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Personalized communication

In order to make abandoned cart recovery as effective as possible, we help you develop templates that re-engage potential buyers with a personalized approach.

Maximise your website conversions with cart abandonment software

We know how hard it is to earn sales, and that’s why we firmly believe that there are opportunities in every encounter, including people who abandoned a checkout experience.

That’s why we give all clients the solutions they need to build engaging cart abandonment recovery strategies. We help you capitalise on your email strategy, improve customer satisfaction, and generate new sales.

Some of our e-commerce customers

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What our customers are saying

“The sales that we’re converting through Kindly’s cart abandonment email solution have contributed to our total sales in a positive way, functioning as a great additional channel for our online subscription sales.”

Line C. K. Grendahl, Schibsted

Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.