• Conversational AI chatbots
    How do AI chatbots work and why you should consider them
    Conversational AI & E-commerce
    Learn how Conversational AI enables E-commerce growth
  • Improved visitor experiences
    Offer your visitors an engaging and memorable online experience
    Drive more sales
    Guide your visitors through the buying journey
    Optimize for conversions
    Turn visitors into repeat buyers of products and services
    Enhanced customer support
    Provide 24/7 customer support and enhance website customer experience
    Collaborative approach
    We help you identify conversions drivers and how to expand user experience
  • Live Chat Support
    Maximizing real-time customer engagement
    Delivering automated support and 24/7 service
    Virtual Shopping Assistant
    Fuel your e-commerce business growth
    Conversion Optimization
    Create value in every opportunity and grow revenue
    Cart Abandonment
    Convert shopping intent into sales and revenue
    Seamlessly integrate with your software stack
  • Blog
    Industry trends, product updates, and strategic insights
    Customer stories
    How we’ve helped our clients boost growth and satisfaction
    Detailed insight into generating growth with conversational commerce
    Learn how easy it is to implement and use Kindly
    Careers & people
    Meet our people and explore job opportunities at Kindly
  • Join our partner program and help your customers grow

    We believe that customer service and dedication to an outstanding customer experience are at the heart of successful online businesses. Working collaboratively as part of our technology alliance partnership program, we strive to help you create more prosperous solutions that will change the nature of virtual customer engagement for the better.

    The benefits of a hands-on partnership with Kindly

    If you’re working in the e-commerce space, or help companies improve their online stores, Kindly is the best partner to deliver cutting-edge technological services. We’ve helped over 130 companies across Europe enhance the value of customer service and the impact of their e-commerce programs with modern and automated solutions. Our technology is very malleable and flexible, adapting to unique KPIs for each individual partner and enabling a greater end user experience. Members of our partnership program gain access to new product developments in testing, creative insights acquired from real life customer interactions, and revenue sharing programs that improve growth for everyone.

    Lead, revenue, and profit sharing incentives

    Earn lead and revenue generating kickbacks generated from the program’s license to increase potential for growth and expansion.

    Access to Kindly partner portal
    Access to sales, marketing, and technical resources
    Discount or kickback on gross revenue generated
    1 certified member in Kindly platform
    2 certified members in Kindly platform
    Eligible for POC and demo support
    Partner logo on Kindly website
    Leads sharing

    Kindly Partner Program

    Join us and experience a financially lucrative and collaborative program that unites leaders, shares insights, and incentives innovation to enhance the value of conversational commerce.