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Bruker du din tid og energi på å generere trafikk til nettsiden din, men uten å få de resultatene du forventet?

Kindly has been a valued partner of Fjordkraft for a number of years and we have their solutions implemented on all of our products. What makes us keep working with them every year is the fact that they do all the work, and we can sit back and just focus on the ROI.

- Elisabeth M. Norberg, User Experience Manager @ Fjordkraft


We have been working with Kindly for over 5 years and their ability to always find new and innovative ways to stay relevant in a fast-paced tech-world is something that suits Brandsdal Group and the way we operate.

- Joachim Grimestad, Team Lead Marketing Specialist @ Brandsdal Group

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Both Kahoot! and Kindly are companies that are experiencing growth. To be curious and playful are amongst our core values, and Kindly shares many of the same values. We’re very happy with our partnership!


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We have worked with Kindly for 6 years. Our cooperation has been good from the start and produced positive results and learning. Their dedicated project managers and quick deployments allow us to turn around fast - creating both short and long-term results. That everything is measurable and can be tested means that we can constantly evaluate and develop ourselves.

- Aron Wallden Schåthun, E-Commerce Manager, Varner Group

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We chose Kindly because of its simplicity and ease of use. We liked its multilingual capabilities, and the fact that it allowed us to connect easily with other systems.

- Edward Thorstad, Chief Customer Officer, Norwegian

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We are very satisfied with the custom solutions Kindly has provided for us. Their technology works well and has contributed to our solid growth in our online store

- Theodor Tollefsen, Global E-Commerce Manager, Helly Hansen

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