Helthjem is a Norwegian shipping and logistics company in Norway that delivers packages, magazines, and newspapers to customers. They also deliver freshly baked goods, a service developed with their sister company Morgenlevering and in partnership with select bakeries that allow consumers to place orders until 9:00pm. Food will then be delivered to the front door by 7:00am the following morning.

Since their primary business model is direct-to-consumer deliveries, Helthjem places great value on customer care to support their brand. Their goal is to provide the world’s best customer service, and they rely on technology to help deliver on that goal.

Helthjem created a peer to peer network that resembles services provided by delivery apps like Foodora or Just Eat. This allows people to send parcels from one home to another without using traditional postal services. It’s a delivery model that challenges traditional logistics companies, and it’s greatly appreciated by Helthjem's customers across large parts of Norway.

“We believe consumers want packages delivered straight to their doorstep,” says Anette Onshuus, Business Developer, Helthjem. “We’re a fast and convenient shipping provider due to our strong and reliable network, based on our long experience delivering newspapers over night. Because of this, we’re very motivated to make the customer experience as great as possible.”

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic indirectly benefited Helthjem as demand for home deliveries skyrocketed with closures and lockdowns implemented across the globe. In 2020, the company has seen an increase in parcel volumes of 135%, doubling its market share in Norway to around 11%. At the same time, it led to a higher influx of customer questions regarding the status of their packages, estimated delivery times, return inquiries, and other common questions.

Logistically, from Helthjem’s point of view, most of the common questions fall into one of two camps: information and tracking. The customer service team can provide answers to these questions but, given they are frequently asked inquiries, it made sense for the company to simplify how they respond to those questions. That meant incorporating technology into their customer service model, and they selected a chatbot powered by Kindly.

“We can provide a lot of information about these two categories without having to be contacted on our website,” said Onshuus. “People want to know the exact moment that their package will arrive. A chatbot answers those questions without requiring members of the team to manually look for that information.”


Kindly’s chatbot includes a sophisticated API that integrates with Helthjem’s booking and tracking system, providing instant access to real-time data. The chatbot can deliver detailed answers to specific questions and give background information on things like order tracking and the status of shipments. Kindly’s chatbot is programmed to use plain language so that answers provide detailed, easy-to-understand information. It’s also powered by machine learning technology, enabling it to learn what types of questions customers ask at each stage of the process, and then automatically deliver the most appropriate answer to those questions.

Data gleaned from the chatbot was a value-added benefit that gave Helthjem greater insight into its own tracking and shipping process. Those insights allowed the customer service team to offload work on the most frequently asked questions to the chatbot while reserving the time and bandwidth of personal reps for more difficult logistical inquiries.

“We chose Kindly because they have great language technology, and they’re one of the few providers in the Nordics to have it,” said Onshuus. “Norwegian is not the biggest language there is so it’s hard to create really great chatbots. The value was not only for customer support, but it became a strategic business priority and important for our brand promise to deliver an exceptional customer experience.”


Working with Kindly’s implementation team, Helthjem successfully built the chatbot in only 4 weeks before it was launched onto their website. After 6 months, they saw a 30% reduction in queries routed to customer service agents related to the question “I do not understand the tracking information.” This means that one in three follow-up questions asking for more details on the tracking information could be resolved by the chatbot.

The ticket category “information,” regarding inquiries on how Helthjem’s services work, and where parcels are picked up and delivered, saw a 10% reduction in requests routed to a support agent.

The results simplified the lives of Helthjem’s customer service team. They were able to give the most pressing clients in need of customer service directions to the right agents, while reducing the strain and burden on CSMs by offsetting frequently asked questions to the chatbot.

“Kindly’s implementation team did all of the heavy lifting,” said Onshuus. “I was amazed at how much attention we received, the follow-up that was provided, and the amount of help and support provided along the way. They ran amazing workshops to build a great chatbot in 2 weeks, which was fully launched and deployed within 4 weeks. Kindly is an excellent partner with hands-on and accessible service, and we certainly felt that commitment and dedication.”

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