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  • Data Security and Storage

    Last updated • 29.06.2022

    We take privacy and data security seriously

    We take certain steps to ensure that both your data and your customers’ data is in safe hands.

    Privacy is our responsibility

    The nature of chatbots often involves sensitive data being transmitted through the pipeline. Kindly takes the security of personal data seriously, and we have composed the architecture of the service with this responsibility in mind.

    GDPR compliance

    In addition to ensuring that our third-party services adhere to GDPR compliance, we also offer compliance to our clients, so that they can in turn protect their end users' privacy. This is achieved through the following functionalities:

    • Automatic anonymisation
    • Auto-deletion of chatlogs after a specified time
    • End users can choose to delete logs via the chat bubble
    • End users can download their conversations

    Data storage

    All data is stored within the EU at data centers that have achieved ISO 27001 compliance, which is one of the most widely recognised and accepted independent security standards.

    Backup and recovery

    The databases for platform content and chat messages use point-in-time-recovery backup (PITR). This means that the databases are continuously backed up every few seconds, and if a crisis occurs they can be rolled back to a selected previous point in time.

    Manage your team’s data access

    Kindly lets you easily manage your team and their access level through 'roles', which can be given to those in the organisation that work with chatbots.

    Assigning roles makes it much easier to control the level of access each user has to your customer data.