The most user-friendly way to make chatbots

Building chatbots? Easy.

A Kindly chatbot is a powerful tool for your enterprise, one that can be tailored to address a broad range of tasks.

The Kindly platform is designed to make it easy to build complex AI-powered chatbots backed by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing.


Easy to use, quick to deploy

Build an AI-powered assistant in the most straightforward platform available in the market.

Powerful language tools

Kindly helps you get the most out of the language data you create, drastically decreasing the amount of time it takes to create new training examples. Use Kindly Entities to maintain groups of similar words and concepts, and let Kindly’s AI engine suggest more synonyms.

Work together

We know that teamwork is effective, and Kindly gives you the tools to maximize its potential. Kindly lets your whole team work on the same chatbot together, simultaneously.

Get organized with labels

Attach multiple labels to your chatbot’s intents, and get an overview of what your customers and your chatbot are talking about.

More than words

Kindly lets you create lively dialogue flows with videos, pictures and gifs. A great-looking chatbot reply is only a few clicks away.

Ready-to-go templates

Kindly’s data templates give you a head start in your chatbotbuilding journey, so you can go straight to answering your customers.

Create a natural conversation

Create natural dialogue flows with Kindly’s advanced machine learning. Our world-class NLU engine makes your bot able to suggest alternative replies, which makes it even smarter.

Draft & publish

Kindly allows you to work safely with new chat content without conflicting your live chatbot.

Be where your customers are

You can easily integrate Kindly with services such as Messenger, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Kindly chatbots live where your customers are.

Chat nudge

Kindly’s nudge feature makes your users pay attention to your content and products. From improving user experience by providing useful tips, to driving sales, Kindly has got you covered.

A chat with your customer in focus

Kindly Chat is designed to be an inviting and recognizable medium for your customers.

We work hard every day to further enhance our chat experience in order to meet the growing customer expectations.

– The choice fell on Kindly. They have unique expertise as well as the most user friendly platform.

Kent Hafskjær, Nordic After Sales Channel Manager at Elkjøp Nordic AS

Efficient tools to create a great chatbot

A great chatbot starts with good training data. At Kindly we work hard to create powerful but also meaningful tools for you as a bot builder.

Kindly allows you to quickly and easily test and verify your bot as you build, and you can do this in a chat window identical to what your end user will see. If it looks good to you, it will look good to your customer.

Next level customer service

The shortest path between your support team and delighted customers goes through a direct chat.

Kindly is a revolutionary full-service solution for handling your company’s chat services, both automated and human.



Organize your inbox with Kindly’s advanced ticketing system. Set a ticket status on a chat, and never lose track of where the user is in the flow.

Analyze your efficiency

Kindly lets you keep track of how many tickets are solved, by whom, and in how much time.

Collect contact details

Collect more information about your user, so that you can transfer the dialogue to other services such as e-mail and telephone.

Explore your data

Kindly makes it easy to download a daily backup of your chats, so you can explore it in your software of choice. Simply download it from the platform, or use our API for direct integration.

Assign your chats

If you know that a colleague of yours is the best to answer a question, just send the chat directly over to her.

Label your chats

Add labels to chat sessions and keep track of what your customers are talking about with real-time statistics.

Always up to speed

Kindly makes it easy to write internal notes on tickets and chats directly in the platform, so that collaborating with the whole team is seamless.

Available on different services

You can set up your Kindly Chat to work on different services, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack.

– Kindly Chat is available 24/7 and is helping our customers worldwide

Edward Thorstad, Chief Customer Officer at Norwegian

Efficient customer service

Kindly Chat lets you handle multiple ongoing chats at the same time, or assign a chat to a colleague. Broad filtering options makes it simple to find what you are looking for. Just like you want it!

AI engineered for maximum performance for today and tomorrow

The field of NLP moves quickly, and so do our models. We designed our infrastructure to be modular and future-proof, building on both NLP and Cloud Engineering best-practice.

This means that Kindly is always ready to integrate the latest and greatest research from both enterprise and academia, making sure that the AI in your chatbot is guaranteed to be second to none, both today and tomorrow.

Models that listen — always!

Unlike most other solutions, our NLU (Natural Language Understanding) models are "always on", provide you with instant feedback, and grow with your chatbots. This means that you can take advantage of the latest and greatest in NLU from the very beginning of your chatbot journey, and watch your model become even smarter as heavy-weight training sessions are periodically run behind the scenes.

Making the most of small data

In order to provide your customers with the help they need, a chatbot requires examples of typical user queries associated with certain answers or actions (often called "intents"). By leveraging the power of transfer learning, chatbots built in Kindly can be highly usable with as little as 10 examples per intent.

Activated by humans

Our NLU models leverage the power of transfer learning and end-to-end neural modelling, making your language the star of the show. Kindly does not tamper with your data, leaving you in control of the language of your chatbot. Behind the scenes, our models rely on semantically-aware language representations trained on massive data sets. All you need to do is to write some examples to tailor them towards your audience.

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