Top 10 Reasons why you’ll Benefit from a Chatbot

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You’ve probably used a couple of chatbots; heck, you might even already be using a chatbot towards your customers, but have you considered all the benefits a chatbot has for not only your business, but also your customers? This is exactly what we’re going to sum up in this article; 10 reasons why a chatbot will help you, your business and, most importantly, your customers. Without further ado, let’s look at our top 10 tangible benefits of having a chatbot, in no particular order!

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1. Availability

We, as end-users, have become spoiled in 2020, expecting a resolution to our problem immediately. You don’t have to go further back than 10 years, when a customer would be okay with waiting 3 weeks for the resolution of a customer support issue. Today, an hour is pushing it, and will leave your customer fuming. There doesn’t seem to be any cost-effective way to have your customer support team ready to answer in the blink of an eye, regardless of what time it is or whether it’s a bank holiday. Alas, this is the freedom a chatbot provides you with. A support agent who can be there for your customer when they need you. 24/7/365 customers can reach out and get an immediate answer, and if a human colleague’s involvement is necessary, the chatbot knows which information needs to be gathered to resolve the issue. Good customer service is being there on your customer’s terms, and a chatbot helps you on the way to that.

2. Scalability

Every business in the world is looking to grow. Grow their revenue, their staff, their customers, their offering and their traffic. However, you have to keep in mind that with more customers, more staff and more sales, you’re bound to get more questions. If you get more questions, you need more people to answer these questions. This means you end up in an infinite loop of increasing the number of customer support agents. Enter chatbot, an agent that can handle infinite support queries simultaneously, becoming better for every question coming in. It will allow you to scale your customer support department, adding a touch of automation to the first steps (or all steps, when the chatbot solves the query).

3. Repetition

A majority of the questions coming from your customers are exactly the same. Often, we see that the same 20 questions will cover 30% - 50% of all incoming tickets. Spending valuable human resources on these types of tickets is counterproductive; leave this to your digital employee, the hardworking chatbot, and allow your support agents to be challenged by complex queries and sales opportunities. With one of our clients, we’ve actually seen that the sick leave among support agents decreased. After investigating this further, they all answered that it was due to not having to answer the same, repetitive copy & paste answers, and that they could actually use their skills and brainpower to find a resolution to a more difficult problem. In other words, help your customers, help your staff and help your business!

4. Staying ahead of the Curve

The reason businesses thrive is due to their willingness to adapt and experiment with new technologies. This is how you find out what works for you, what you can do to have a better offering than your competitors, and how to ultimately give your customers the journey they deserve. Chatbots are no different to any other new technology that you’ve decided to invest in; you’ve got to try it to figure out if it’s right for you (and your customers, obviously). If you’re worried that your customers are too mature, be aware that we are in a day and age when everyone chats. EVERYONE chats. From grandparents on messenger, to parents on Snapchat; research shows that people prefer to chat to get an answer than using any other medium. So, what are you waiting for; get ahead of the curve!

5. Proactive Customer Assistance

Chatbots have moved past the point of being rule-based FAQ knowledge bases. Today the technology leverages NLP and AI to get your customer to their goal as fast as possible. However, other things are also happening. Here at Kindly, we’re leveraging user behaviour in order to make the chatbots proactive; in other words, knowing when your customer has a problem, and helping them before they’ve realised they even need help. Furthermore, a lot of people need support to complete a purchase; would you not want an assistant to nudge your customers, as one of the last steps towards becoming a paying customer?

6. Customer Insights

Chatbots are not only great for resolving customer issues, but they’re also great for gaining insights into improving your products and services through simple questions. This is done through not only feedback from customers, but also being able to ask a customer why they removed a certain product from their cart, to getting them to leave a review of a product. Furthermore, you can observe which landing pages lead to the most queries, meaning some information should be added to these landing pages to avoid confusion, or the possibility of the customer leaving your store. For low-converting products and offerings with high traffic, the chatbot can survey customers to find out why they don’t move forward and help you understand your user behaviour and convert more.

7. Qualified leads, and more of them too!

A chatbot is a great way for a curious customer to find out more. Talking to a chatbot has a low barrier to entry for learning more about your services and products, allowing you to deal with objections the customer may have. This will lead to more leads coming in, where you can set up the chatbot to funnel the customer to a meeting to learn more. Additionally, a chatbot can be used to qualify your leads, meaning that it can ask a set of questions that gives you insights into whether this is an interesting lead or not, what their pain points are and what timeline the customer is working with.

8. Dive into other markets

Going international brings a lot of challenges to companies in regards to presence in said market, meaning that you have to establish a channel for potential and existing customers to reach out. With a chatbot, you don’t need to hire customer support agents to cover these markets, but can have one digital employee that can cater to all of them at once. This allows you to easily test the waters in new markets, without having to make substantial investments in staff. Customers will also feel you are catering to their needs to a larger extent, and are more likely to return to your website again and again.

9. Cut costs, increase revenue

The cost of hiring employees to customer support is a costly affair when you take into account wages, software licenses, onboarding costs and turnover. With a chatbot, you can employ one assistant (a digital one) that can cover up to 60% of your traffic. This means that you can save a huge chunk of your budget on having one employee who is never sick, never takes a holiday and works constantly. Furthermore, as chatbots are available to your customers immediately and don’t require manual resources, the acquisition cost of your customers will be lower.

Revenue can also be impacted by chatbots, by having chatbots that help your customer throughout the entire purchasing journey instead of just post-purchase, meaning that you can increase your revenue substantially. In other words, spend less and make more; sounds like a winning recipe!

10. Improved Customer Satisfaction

At Kindly, we view this as the most important benefit. Your customer is your most important asset, and everything you do should benefit them. With a chatbot your customer will get through to you much quicker and easier, resolve their problem faster, be able to get support in their preferred language and even give customer specific recommendations. All of this will improve your customer satisfaction, and as we all know, improved CSat leads to returning customers and happy managers.

In conclusion, chatbots have tonnes of benefits. They can complement the work your employees carry out, improve your customers’ experience, cut your costs, increase your revenue, help you scale, make you more approachable, understand your customers better AND are easy to implement! Wow, that’s a lot of benefits...

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