Kindly and Recheckit, two tech companies with global ambitions, have joined forces

Skrevet av James Rice Mcaulay 07.07.20

Tech companies Convertelligence and Recheckit have joined forces, creating a new company which will retain 'Kindly' as the name. Together, they will develop proactive digital assistants which will increase their customers' competitiveness in the market.

Convertelligence and Recheckit will work together to create a leading platform for proactive digital assistants. The goal is to help businesses to increase their turnover online, and handle the the customer journey from A to Å. After working together on a combined customer project, the two companies saw a huge potential in further developing their cooperation, in order to create new business opportunities. This cooperation eventually lead to discussions regarding merging the two companies.

"None of our competitors are working with anything like this. Our goal is to revolutionalise the way companies communicate with their customers, and enable them to create unique experiences tailored to each and every customer" says Arash Saidi, who will be the CEO of the merged company.

Recheckit allows businesses to engage and convert website visitors through its conversion technology, which helps to meet every objective the company has set for their website. By integrating this technology with the advanced machine-learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technology that Convertelligence has developed, we can create unique user experiences online.

Convertelligence has, during the last two years, begun working with some of the largest companies in the Nordics. The company has placed a lot of emphasis on technology and product development, and has built a product development division with expertise within ML and NLP. Recheckit has, on its side, had a strong commercial focus, and built a significant customer base with many international brands. Both companies regard the technology and possibilities as highly compatible and complementary, and the merger leaves the company positioned for strong international growth.

Trond Riiber Knudsen holds a significant number of shares in Recheckit, and Must Invest AS has invested in both companies. They will be, together with the founders of Recheckit (Peder Aaserud) and Convertelligence (Arash Saidi and John Antonio Nilsen) the main shareholders. The merger of the companies is based on equality, and Gunnar Bjørkavåg will be the Chairman of the Board in the merged company.

“Companies are experiencing that their increased investments in eCommerce and digital communications aren’t having the necessary effect, and are therefore on the lookout for good solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily. We’ve seen how ReCheckit converts visitors into buyers, and how Kindly creates tailored chatbots that drive customer satisfaction. These two companies together will form a software powerhouse which can boost the effect of the enormous digital investments taken by customers. 'Made in Norway', a pioneer in terms of digital commerce and communication, we see great international growth possibilities for the 'turbocharged ecommerce solutions' developed by Kindly", says Trond Riiber Knudsen.

Recheckit was founded in 2012, and Convertelligence was founded in 2016. The two companies had a combined revenue of 32 million NOK in 2019, and are aiming for 50 million in revenue in 2020. Total head count will be 50, and after the merger, the company will have customers such as DNB, Helly Hansen, Norwegian, Elkjøp and Varner. All employees have a lot of faith in the merger.