How Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant Platform Is Responsible For 10% Of All Renault Digital Leads

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All digital leads: 10% of all digitally collected sales leads are coming through Kindly. A lead is a request for an offer, booked and confirmed test drive.


Engagement rate: 45% of visitors opening the car-chooser (where the 4 models are presented) interact with at least one bot.


Click-to-conversion rate: Of those that clicked the Nudge CTA, 8% went on to book a test drive during the same site session.

“Kindly helps us generate inbound leads from new potential buyers and helps support our existing customers, all within the same integrated platform. Additionally, Kindly enables us to move much faster than before. It’s quick to get up and running, going live with new campaigns and important messages for our customers in a short amount of time.”

Roger Andersen, PR & Marketing Director, Renault Norge

Renault Norge wanted to provide the best possible customer service and create a viable lead generation program

The multinational car manufacturer Renault maintains an impressive presence in Scandinavia, and Renault Norway is one of those branches.

Wanting to transition towards a more digital-focused sales experience for customers, Renault’s strategy was two-fold:

1. Provide an easy-to-use buying journey for the shopper
2. Collect more quality leads for test drives

Part of this strategy was about adapting to changing consumer buying behaviors. More people are doing their own research on a new car long before they ever arrive at a dealership. In a way, this activity enables shoppers to qualify themselves, and Renault wanted to provide the resources people needed to conduct their own research.

The other reason was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made people less comfortable with visiting stores and dealerships. By providing a robust online shopping experience, shoppers could get all of their questions answered from the comfort of their own home.

“We understand that people have lots of questions about our cars. It’s why we’re so committed to providing exceptional customer service both in-person and digitally. We were thinking outside of the box, trying to identify how we could provide 24/7 support for our shoppers. That’s when we learned about Kindly and their conversational commerce solutions.

Kindly helped us design for better results. The synergy between their AI-powered chatbot and Nudge CRO technology helped us build a UX experience that greatly assisted with our launch campaign.

We’ve tracked 10% of our sales leads on our test drive and configuration pages as coming from Kindly’s Nudge solution, which has helped us increase bookings for test drives.

Additionally, we’ve greatly reduced pressure on our customer support team by using the chatbot as a 24/7 “information hotline” for all website visitors.”

Roger Andersen, PR & Marketing Director, Renault Norge

AI-powered chatbot deployed as an automated responder for FAQs

The chatbot is currently support and FAQ-oriented, deploying automated answers to customers who ask repetitive questions. Over time, the plan is to optimize and improve the chatbot to include things such as promotional and explainer videos that help with the booking process and increase conversions.

Inform customers about car deals in accessible, easy to understand language

The ability to engage with shoppers in real-time using their own native languages helps increase knowledge of and interest in special promotional offers on specific cars. It will also greatly assist in the coming launches for the new Megane E-tech Electric vehicle, allowing people to get immediate answers to their questions.

Nudge shoppers towards personalized offer to reduce bounce rates

Kindly’s Nudge CRO solution has increased on-site engagement, which keeps more people on the site for longer periods of time. Up to 8% of those interactions end up completing the journey and booking a test drive. This has helped reduce site bounce rates, improve lead generation, and generate higher numbers of bookings.

Conversational commerce that’s adaptable, easy to use, and directly contributes to lead generation

What began with one integrated chatbot, codenamed the “Zoe-bot”, will expand to dedicated chatbots for other electric vehicles, including the Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid, the Clio hybrid, Megane E-Tech plug-in hybrid and other models. The integrations also helped Renault further optimize their website browsing experience. For example, a model selection tool was recommended by Kindly’s implementation team as a great opportunity to draw attention to the electric vehicles. An A/B test was conducted to test the effectiveness of the setup, and the cooperation between Renault and Kindly led to very impressive results.

“Kindly helped us adapt and quickly react when new campaigns or communication needs were brought to the attention of our team. We were able to be up and running with new messages in no time thanks, in large part, to the virtual shopping assistant platform that integrates both the chatbot and Nudge solutions. It’s very helpful for us to have those two systems working hand in hand, and we wouldn’t want to have them operating on separate systems now or in the future.”

Roger Andersen, PR & Marketing Director, Renault Norge

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