How Kindly’s AI Chatbot Drove A 15% Boost In Notar’s Real Estate Bookings

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Increase in bookings and customer meetings after launching the chatbot.


Half of all people who interact with the bot make a booking or become a qualified lead.


The bot responds to many FAQs and is expected to handle 80-90% of future enquiries.

"Kindly believes in the value of building a team dynamic, investing in personal relationships, and providing solution-oriented technology that aligns with our core values as a business. They have a healthy belief in all of these concepts, and their technology is easy for us to use and understand. Kindly has helped us improve our lead qualification and buying process, and we’re very excited to make their solutions a cornerstone of our own ventures."

Andreas Kløvning, Regional Manager, Oslo and Viken

Notar wanted to convert more site visitors into active leads to boost real estate bookings

Notar is a Norwegian real estate brokerage firm that places a premium value on quality customer service. In fact, they stand by the principle that you need 'community, communication, and follow-up to create good human relationships'. These interpersonal relationships with clients are key to scaling their business model to new heights.

Notar has many visitors that arrive on their website through either direct, organic, referral, or paid channels, such as Google Search and Unfortunately, the cost per qualified lead with contact information ranges from 700 to 800kr, a price deemed too high for growth.

“It’s brutal to have to pay this amount to talk to our own customers. People will visit our website and they might have a lot of questions, but they’re not providing their contact information so that we can follow up and have a conversation.”

Anders Kløvning, Regional Manager, Oslo and Viken

One of the challenges in Notar’s particular space is the amount of paperwork and prospective documents that must be reviewed by customers. In some cases, there are upwards of 60 to 80 pages of documents a potential buyer or seller has to read and understand. Many people feel overwhelmed and abandon the entire experience because they find it too hard to get their questions answered.

Another challenge is that Notar’s real estate agents don’t have the time or bandwidth to provide the level of personal customer care needed to simplify the buying process.

Up to 80 percent of questions submitted to brokers are variations of the same talking points, but they each require personalised responses and follow-ups for all interested buyers. This leaves agents with less time to help guide customers further through the process of selecting a real estate agent. After all, trusting a real estate agent is something that takes time for the average buyer. Having the time to build that trusting relationship is necessary for agents to make sales.

As a result, Notar looked for a solution to automate as much of the process as possible. When they learned about Kindly’s AI Chatbot and Conversion Rate Optimisation solutions that could help answer frequently asked questions and nudge more people towards booking appointments.

“Kindly helps us avoid spending time doing the same things over and over again. We want to use our resources in the best way possible, in order to scale and optimise the growth of our company.”

Anders Kløvning, Regional Manager, Oslo and Viken

AI chatbot automates manual processes

The chatbot will do a lot of what the broker does today by automating their manual processes. The bot can answer more customer enquiries, allowing the agent to take calls, arrange inspections, and get assignments. The chatbot will talk to the customers directly and can provide 24/7 care.

The chatbot enhances the brand’s local reputation

Notar’s chatbot knows a lot of details about local real estate markets and neighbourhoods. It can answer concrete questions about the community, including information on schools, local transit, and shopping centres. This furthers Notar’s perception as a local real estate subject matter expert.

Chatbot builds prospects and arranges viewings

The chatbot is a viable lead generation and qualification tool that improves the buying experience and supports Notar’s growth. It can arrange for multiple viewing participants, automated bidding follow-ups, and schedule appointments for all brokers on the team.

The chatbot takes on more responsibility, freeing up time and resources for brokers to close deals

A trial run with the chatbot proved to be very successful for the Notar brand. Currently, the chatbot is already fielding 40 percent of all FAQs from customers. Over time, as the AI chatbot learns more about the specific needs of Notar’s customers, it’s expected to handle between 80 to 90 percent of all inbound enquiries from customers.

The response from customers to the chatbot has also been a very positive development.

50 percent of people who talk to the chatbot receive a price estimation on the properties they’re considering, or they become an active lead as a potential buyer or seller of a specific property.

Also, a 15 percent lift in booked customer meetings and property showings was one of the biggest takeaways from the chatbot’s trial run.

That booking rate is expected to improve as the chatbot interacts with more people. If it can become one of Notar’s biggest lead generation tools, they can save even more money on external acquisition channels by, instead, converting more of their existing site traffic into paying clients.

Kindly proved to be an invaluable partner for Notar. Since making Kindly a vital part of their business, Notar has improved relationships with existing customers, increased property viewing rates, and improved both customer and employee satisfaction through more streamlined approaches to showcasing real estate.

The partnership is just getting underway, but Notar is very excited about the future that lies ahead.

Kindly’s technology has worked from day one. The implementation was super fast and our expectations have already been surpassed. As this is a long term investment, we understand that there is more to discover about how conversational commerce can further help us grow our business. We’re seeing Kindly as a future core service for Notar, and we anticipate that we will further improve our customer support processes, especially in regards to how we respond to static information and frequently asked questions.”

Anders Kløvning, Regional Manager, Oslo and Viken

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