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  • How Kindly’s CRO Solution Drove a 20:1 ROI For Høie of Scandinavia



    Product on-site conversions: 38% of deployed Nudges offering related products converted into revenue for Høie.


    Cart abandonment email conversions: 37% of cart abandonment email recipients returned to their carts to complete checkouts.


    ROI: Høie tracked a proven ROI of 20:1 from their investment in Kindly’s CRO and cart abandonment solutions.

    “Kindly has a future oriented solution that’s not dependent on cookies to measure results, which is very important to us. With an ROI of 20:1, there’s no question that Kindly has helped us sell more products while also improving customer care.”

    Mats Gulbrandsen, General Manager Høie Retail

    Høie wanted to increase sales and average order values from their website using future-oriented technology

    For more than 170 years, Høie has left its mark on Scandinavian homes. Satisfied customers describe Høie as a reliable provider of quality bed linen, and Norwegian produced duvets and pillows, with a vision of creating a space for dreams in everyday life.

    As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to online shopping, Høie saw an opportunity to increase revenue opportunities from their website.

    They wanted to implement future oriented technology into their existing website experience in order to boost sales, increase conversions, and improve customer satisfaction. They were also interested in working with a company that could be more than a technology provider; they wanted a commercial sparring partner that could help augment and optimize the existing customer journey with more guided and fulfilling paths to conversion.

    “We wanted to find a partner who could provide the right mix of technology, e-commerce knowledge and project management. Kindly also has a future oriented solution, which was a very important factor when selecting a vendor,” says Mats Gulbrandsen, General Manager at Høie Retail.

    Høie identified several behavioral patterns that limited their ability to generate revenue from the website. For example, for various reasons, some customers do not complete their checkout after adding items to their digital shopping carts. As a result, those abandoned carts add up to a sizable amount of lost revenue.

    Høie also has a distinct look and feel on their website that engages customers. Any solution they implemented had to align with that look and feel to maintain a certain aesthetic that would continue to attract visitors and encourage them to follow the guided paths to conversion.

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    Mats Gulbrandsen: “We wanted a solution that would look good on the page and match the look and feel of our website’s brand profile. Kindly provides a native solution that mirrors our existing website experience so it was a great fit for what we needed. There’s no question that it helped increase our total sales and boost average order values (AOVs).”

    CRO software deploys humble product messaging at the right times

    Kindly’s Nudge CRO technology provides personalized product recommendations to shoppers that improve the customer experience. The messaging is timed just right for Høie shoppers as it guides them to the products they need and helps drive more sales for the company.

    Trusted data and insights inform how to evolve the on-site customer journey

    Kindly’s data and analytics provide detailed insights into on-site audience behavior. Using this data, Høie can confidently optimize the customer journey, modify product messaging, and improve email engagement campaigns with support from a trusted partner’s valuable treasure trove of insights.

    Cart abandonment emails bring shoppers back to carts to complete checkout

    By incorporating insights from Nudge, Kindly’s cart abandonment emails are crafted using tailored messaging that guides shoppers back to their checkout carts. Høie uses these solutions to win back lost revenue and effectively increase AOV on recovered checkouts.

    Conversational commerce that generated a 20:1 ROI for Høie

    To say that the partnership between Kindly and Høie has been a success would be an understatement. The Nudge CRO solution earned an 84% interaction rate among all Høie shoppers and a 42% CTR from people who saw the tailored promotions. Ultimately, 36% of all shoppers who interacted with the Nudge offers converted into paying customers.

    The cart abandonment email story was equally impressive. The tailored headlines earned a 52% open rate from all abandoned shoppers, contributing to an above industry average 55% CTR rate from the emails themselves. In the end, over one third of all email recipients returned to their shopping carts and completed their purchase to drive up total sales for the company.

    Since incorporating Kindly into their business, Høie has improved their relationship with existing customers, sold more products to new visitors, and reduced costs to automate and support shoppers throughout the entire buying journey. It’s a partnership that has paid off in spades, and Høie is very excited about the future possibilities of this partnership.

    “Kindly has a commercial mindset that helps us improve how we interact with customers, how we build on-site shopping journeys, and how we personalize messaging to unique shopper interests. Kindly has also allowed us to reduce our dependence on third-party cookies to measure engagement and track ROI, which is extremely important to our future-oriented path forward as a business,” concludes Mats Gulbrandsen.

    Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

    Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.