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  • How Kindly Manages 90% Of NBX’s Inbound Customer Support Enquiries



    Inbound customer enquiries resolved by Kindly AI chatbot


    Increase in number of inbound support tickets resolved


    Customers routed to deposits, based on insights gained from the chatbot

    “With Kindly, we can confidently handle high volumes of new customer requests. With a platform like theirs, we were able to accelerate our growth.”

    Thomas, Customer Experience, NBX

    NBX educated and helped users by funnelling them into CTA-driven onboarding programs

    The Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is a secure and transparent cryptocurrency exchange with regulatory approval from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority.

    NBX is a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange, custodian and payment system that sets a standard for user experience, transparency and security, NBX receives many inbound enquiries from customers. Cryptocurrency remains a largely unknown industry, and many people have questions about the basic functionality of the payment process.

    Service and support are extremely important to NBX’s mission and values, and they recognized a need to automate much of the customer support arm of their business.

    They also wanted a more effective method of encouraging users to complete their first cash deposit and purchase of cryptocurrency on the NBX platform to further grow their business. Upon learning of Kindly’s innovative chatbots and conversion optimization solutions, NBX implemented AI technology into their onsite experience to continue delivering exceptional value to clients.

    “With Kindly, we can confidently handle high volumes of new customer requests. A platform like theirs helped us accelerate our growth”, says Thomas from NBX.

    An educational chatbot that guides users and reduces need for call center support

    When NBX experienced a surge of new customers in 2020, this also led to a large increase in support requests. In order to handle the high volume of requests from both new and existing users, NBX decided that Kindly should be a part of their core tech. The demand for support had become too great for the call center to handle alone, spurring the need for more automated solutions.

    Create a digital guide that routes customers towards the desired user behavior

    Without Kindly’s automated chatbots and Nudge CRO solutions, NBX would have needed several weeks to reply to all of their customers. This would have been a significant missed opportunity to onboard hundreds of new clients. Instead, Kindly helped NBX create an on-boarding program using both Nudge and an educational chatbot to guide customers to complete their first deposit and first purchase.

    Data-driven insights that helped optimize custom service processes and UI/UX on the NBX platform

    Using data from Kindly, NBX discovered that 15% of customers asked about “Deposit Now”; a main desired customer behaviour action. With this insight, NBX understood they could optimize their web-page. This resulted in increased deposits from users. The chatbot also helped automate the education process, helping more users achieve desired CTA. Kindly enabled scalability and helped increase conversions while minimizing the need for manual support from the in-house NBX customer support team.

    An educational conversion optimization solution that increased the user base and automated customer support

    Due to a surge in popularity of NBX’s platform, their core user base grew substantially in a short period of time. Kindly’s AI-powered chatbot helped manage the onboarding experience for those new customers by responding to approximately 90% of the most frequently asked questions with automated responses.

    Additionally, Kindly’s core solutions helped NBX amplify their ability to respond to support tickets on any given day. Because NBX's in-house support team had the Kindly chatbot, they were able to easiliy handle a 15x increase in support tickets during the customer onboarding phase.

    “After experiencing a surge in demand for our services, the value of the Kindly-platform became even clearer to us. It confirmed our foresight; the decision to implement 'conversational commerce' was spot on for NBX”, says Thomas.

    Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

    Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.