How Kindly’s cart abandonment solution boosted Schibsted’s click through rates by nearly 40%

“The sales that we’re converting through Kindly’s cart abandonment email solution have contributed towards our total sales in a positive way, functioning as a great additional channel for our online subscription sales.”

Line C. K. Grendahl, Sales manager at Schibsted


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Schibsted needed a cart abandonment solution to improve conversions and monetize users

Schibsted is an international media group with a family of digital news brands and consumer platforms. They are the largest media group in Scandinavia, and their business has helped shape the nature of the media landscape across much of Europe. The Schibsted brand maintains a mission to “empower people in their daily lives,” and they deliver on that mission by providing exceptional customer experiences to the millions of people who interact with Schibsted companies each and every day. In an attempt to further monetize their users, Schibsted partnered with Kindly to develop a re-engagement program that would help convert more users into paid subscribers. As the owner of news and media brands, Schibsted noticed a recurring issue with cart abandonment, meaning their customers would leave before finalizing a digital media subscription even though they showed purchase intent. This gap resulted in a loss of revenue and also revealed a lack of satisfaction from customers with the checkout process. In order to close this gap and give customers the precise incentive they needed to complete their purchase, they worked with Kindly to integrate our cart recovery email solution with the goal of improving their conversion rates.

Testing cart recovery emails gave Schibsted insight into performance metrics

Schibsted has a large segment of active users, but they wanted to monetize as much of their traffic as they could in order to further improve their strong focus on digital subscriptions and their business profitability. Upon connecting with Kindly in 2016, Schibsted recognized an opportunity to reconnect with people who left the website before they purchased a digital subscription. To start, Schibsted needed to test whether an email reminder to complete a digital subscription would have a positive effect on their total digital subscription sales. They soon found that the results were overwhelmingly positive with a 10% increase in conversion rates backed up by 39% click through rate.

Kindly’s managed services provided Schibsted support for implementation and analysis

Before they considered building a similar solution themselves and investing those resources, Schibsted decided to test what could be obtained using Kindly’s cart abandonment solutions. Following an initial test, the Schibsted team opted to continue using Kindly’s cart recovery email templates. Schibsted was very grateful to have access to Kindly’s implementation team, which has both knowledge and experience within the field of audience re-engagement and abandoned cart workflows.

Schibsted saved valuable resources using Kindly’s time-saving cart abandonment solutions

Using an external vendor helped Schibsted’s development team free up time and resources to manage other tasks and initiatives. The messages and notifications have been programmed to trigger across most of the newspapers under Schibsted, such as Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen, as well as magazines owned by Schibsted. This allows Schibsted to maintain ongoing connections with their users and build a community of loyal and engaged subscribers.

Incredible net gains in open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates

As of today, the cart abandonment emails have an average open rate of approximately 50% and a click-to-conversion rate of 29%. This means that 29% of those who click their way come back to the sign-up form to complete their purchase. Additionally, the email campaigns have successfully generated an 11% increase in total conversion rates across Schibsted newspapers, magazines, and websites under the corporate brand.

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