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  • How Kindly’s cart abandonment email technology generated optimal growth for Dressmann

    Dressmann case study main


    Conversions via email


    Increased onsite engagement


    Increased AOV

    “We have worked with Kindly for 6 years. Our cooperation has been good from the start and produced positive results. Their dedicated project managers and quick deployments allow us to turn around fast – creating both short- and long-term results.”

    Aron Wallden, E-Commerce Manager, Dressmann

    Meet the demand for further growth by using AI powered technologies

    Dressmann is one of the largest Scandinavian fashion conglomerates. Their roots are based in Norway, but they’ve successfully expanded the scope and reach of their brand with over 1,400 stores operating in 6 different countries and a successful e-commerce presence that services customers around the world. Dressmann believes in innovation, but they also believe that customer service is the key to their success, and any new innovative solutions must contribute to enhancing customer experiences.

    To further grow their business, Dressmann recognized they needed to optimize the traffic that visits their websites so that they could drive up conversion rates. They were introduced to Kindly and immediately recognized the innovative value of the cart abandonment recovery solutions we provided.

    Recognizing that their e-commerce platform is the best way to continue scaling growth, Dressmann looked for a technological solution that would enable real-time engagement with shoppers that would directly add to conversion rates. They learned about Kindly’s cart abandonment recovery solutions and connected with our managed services team to implement our technology into their operating systems.

    Create an onsite shopping journey to high-value product and category pages

    With the help of our technology, Dressmann has been able to engage with online shoppers using one-to-one humanlike dialogue to identify their interests. The retail chatbot makes recommendations based on those interests, guiding people towards the products that fulfill a need referenced in their questions. The chatbot functions as both a customer service representative as well as a sales associate that helped boost online checkouts.

    Increase the onsite purchase rate with conversational commerce that provides humanlike service

    Kindly’s retail chatbot is powered by machine learning technology that evolves as it processes more data and more information about the typical shopping experience. It then uses that data to engage with customers using conversational dialogue, replicating the experience of in-person shopping at any Dressmann store. This enables the retail chatbot to have more in-depth and nuanced conversations with shoppers that lead to more product recommendations and higher conversion rates.

    Increase the average order value of shoppers who do complete purchases

    Once people do add items to their shopping cart, the retail chatbot makes recommendations for similar products or add-on accessories to help drive up the order value of the purchase. Dressmann uses the chatbot to increase their number of e-commerce sales as well as to drive up the average order value per shopper. The chatbot offers significant opportunities to increase total revenue simply by recreating the types of in-store shopping experiences online.

    A smoother checkout process with higher order values and greater revenue numbers

    Dressmann has run multiple tests using our retail chatbot to identify patterns in shopping behavior that benefit their goals as a business. As a result of these tests, they’ve successfully increased their website engagement rates by 34% and driven up average order values by 17%.

    Due to this success, Dressmann intends to scale up their use of our retail chatbot to support future plans for growth. With conversational playbooks fully established and capable of generating results, Dressmann plans to install new chatbots on more branded websites under their umbrella brand to generate even more value from their existing audiences and boost overall brand loyalty.

    Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

    Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.