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  • How Kindly’s AI chatbot and Nudge CRO Solutions Drove a 23% Revenue Increase for Hertz Sweden

    CSHertz small 1700x500px


    Of Hertz customers helped outside normal business hours


    A/B tested ROI from Kindly


    Proven revenue increase during split test

    “With Kindly we can help our customers at all stages of their booking journey. We needed conversion rate optimization and an AI-powered chatbot to work hand in hand. Kindly was the only platform with that flexibility and it was fast to implement – it was an easy decision.”

    Anders Tärnell, Chief Marketing Officer, Hertz Sweden

    Hertz Sweden needed to increase bookings and make their customer support more efficient

    Hertz is one of the leading car rental companies and operates over 10,000 franchises around the world. While they maintain a global brand presence, Hertz prides itself as a rental agency fit for the neighbourhood, specializing in local car rentals at affordable rates.

    The COVID-19 pandemic arguably impacted the travel industry more than any other segments of the global economy, outside of healthcare. Airlines were grounded due to travel restrictions, while car rental companies saw business dry up as people remained confined to their homes during lockdowns.

    During this time, Hertz saw a profound change in consumer behavior. The company adjusted to customers booking rentals for longer periods of time instead of for shorter day trips. It also led to a dramatic increase of inbound enquiries from customers who could ask for last minute changes or cancellations if Covid case numbers spiked or local Covid regulations changed close to a planned getaway.

    Hertz Sweden, which oversees business in the Scandinavian countries, in an effort to maintain quality customer service throughout the pandemic, used Kindly’s Nudge conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution to deploy messages and offers that appealed to its customers. Specifically, Hertz employs triggered messages to act on users’ booking intent in order to recover booking processes that are about to be abandoned before completion.

    This strategy helped drive up on-site engagement and conversions -- but Hertz soon realised they needed additional support to handle the volume of inbound enquiries.

    CMO Anders Tärnell became personally involved with hundreds of enquiries at the height of the pandemic, and he recognized a need to automate responses to frequently asked questions. That’s when he and his team looked into Kindly’s AI-powered chatbot and saw an opportunity to improve their level of service.

    “In our business, we need to provide quick and helpful answers to instantly address the needs of our customers. If we can’t address a concern quickly, a potential customer might book their car somewhere else. That’s why, when we looked at potential partners, we chose Kindly because it allowed us to give helpful responses to common questions and a fast and easy deployment to our website.”

    Anders Tärnell, CMO, Hertz Sweden

    AI-powered chatbot supports business strategy during and post-pandemic

    The chatbot is currently support and FAQ-oriented, and it interacts with customers on channels where they’re engaging with Hertz. Over time, the plan is to introduce a more proactive, sales-oriented chatbot that provides helpful information during the booking process and increases conversions.

    Focus more on customers, fast responses, and scalable technology

    Hertz learned a lot about their customers during the pandemic and managed to increase meaningful interactions with their customers online. They want to leverage more of Kindly’s chatbot and CRO capabilities to drive more sales and improve loyalty.

    Embrace conversational commerce to improve user experience

    With both Kindly Chatbot and Nudge as part of their tech stack, Hertz Sweden can now more easily adapt to evolutions in consumer behaviour, implement more conversational commerce use cases, and grow their business.

    A support oriented chatbot that provided 35% of customers with real-time support outside of standard business hours

    When Hertz deployed Kindly’s Nudge CRO solution across their website, it allowed them to create targeted messaging to amplify on-site conversions and recover booking processes that were about to be abandoned. During an A/B test, Kindly’s Nudge messages performed significantly better: Over a 30-day period, the Kindly platform delivered 22% more conversions and a 23% increase in revenue. For Hertz, this meant a whopping 1200% ROI on their investment in Kindly in the same period. “We are very pleased with our RoI from Kindly. When we compare our investment with the additional revenue we’re getting and the cost savings in customer support it’s very clear that it’s a good deal,” says Anders Tärnell, CMO at Hertz Sweden.

    What’s more, by working with Kindly, Hertz Sweden learned a lot about what their customers want and find helpful. The chatbot oversaw over 4,000 interactions with shoppers, and over one third of those conversations occurred outside of Hertz’s standard business hours. That means 35% of potential customers were given the service and support they needed to make an educated decision without the need for an in-person representative.

    “Kindly convinced us with their CRO solution and that gave us the trust to also use their AI bot. The plan now is to work closely with the team at Kindly and keep developing both the CRO solution and the chatbot even further. We have some concrete ideas, such as letting the customers rate their conversations as well as their overall happiness with the booking experience.”

    Anders Tärnell, CMO, Hertz Sweden

    Sell more. Improve customer care. Reduce costs.

    Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant platform transforms any website encounter into a first-class customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.