How Kindly’s retail-focused AI boosted Helly Hansen’s average order values

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Increase in conversions


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Improved onsite engagement

“We are very satisfied with the custom solutions Kindly has provided for us. Their technology works well and has contributed to solid growth in our online store.”

Theodor Tollefsen, Consumer Business Director, Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen needed to implement conversion optimization tools to guide shoppers to purchase

Dating back over 140 years, Helly Hansen is the leading Scandinavian workwear, skiing, sailing, and outdoor apparel brand who manufactures professional grade gear to help people stay alive in harsh outdoor climates. They specialize in producing waterproof oilskin jackets, trousers, sou’westers and tarpaulins made from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil, which are most commonly used by sailors or fishermen on oceans, by hikers and climbers on mountains, and even by tradespeople who work in industrial workplaces.

Today, Helly Hansen gear can be found at more than 200 ski resorts across Europe and North America, but many of their sales occur online. They also provide a seasonal offer, a special promotion leading up to the ski season each year, and their goal is to generate as much awareness and revenue from that promotion as possible. To do that, they strive to optimize as much of their web traffic as possible in order to increase their average order value (AOV) per shopper.

Recognizing that they needed a way to engage with website shoppers in real-time to achieve their business goals, Helly Hansen needed the right technological solution to optimize their website customer experience. They connected with Kindly after learning more about the success of their conversion optimization technology, which have been used by e-commerce companies to engage with shoppers in markets all over the globe.

Recommend related products and accessories to help shoppers get the full outdoor experience

Having created a trusted brand renowned throughout Europe, Kindly’s retail conversion optimization language enhances Helly Hansen’s brand reputation with one-to-one conversations with online shoppers. People can ask questions online and the technology recommends products and accessories that better prepare people for harsh outdoor experiences. This helps add more products to shopping carts and drives up the average order value per shopper by 25%.

Generate more conversions across further markets

While Europe is Helly Hansen’s primary market, they’ve launched a digital presence throughout the United States and Canada where outdoor adventures are very popular. The platform cites examples of satisfied customers who purchase similar products to those browsed by North American shoppers in an effort to increase conversion rates across the website. This strategy helps Helly Hansen unlock more opportunities to scale and grow.

Discover new ways to engage with shoppers through machine learning technology

Kindly’s onsite and email engagement solutions use machine learning technology to continuously improve and optimize conversational playbooks. As the technology learns how to answer more questions and acquire additional data, it learns how to naturally respond to common questions with humanlike expressions and dialogue. This gives Helly Hansen the means to provide humanlike customer support that guides shoppers towards the path of conversion.

Improved onsite engagement that generated a 25% increase in AOVs

Retailers that use conversion optimization solutions often generate higher engagement rates without overstraining their own internal working resources. Helly Hansen is no exception, having tapped into the industry of conversational commerce to provide more engaging website shopping experiences to their users. The net result was higher site engagement, more time spent on the site, and more items added to shopping carts.

In the end, this improved audience behavior helped Helly Hansen generate a 25% increase in average order values across all of their domains. They appreciate the ability to provide 24/7 service and now that they have proven models, they can scale its use across all of their websites and maximize their conversions and earning potential.

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