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How Kindly’s CRO Solution Drove a 20:1 ROI For Høie of Scandinavia

Want to learn how Homeware retailer, Høie of Scandinavia, leverages Kindly’s Conversation Optimization tools to reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversions by offering related products?

How Kindly’s AI chatbot and Nudge CRO Solutions Drove a 23% Revenue Increase for Hertz Sweden

Learn how Hertz Sweden uses a chatbot from Kindly to help customers with questions related to their booking, and recover abandoned bookings with conversion optimization tools.

How Kindly’s Conversational Commerce Solution Manages 90% Of NBX’s Inbound Customer Support Enquiries

Learn how a chatbot from Kindly is helping Norwegian Block Exchange to assist and onboard new customers quickly, aiding them in their rapid growth.

How Kindly’s Virtual Shopping Assistant Platform Is Responsible For 10% Of All Renault Digital Leads

Read how Renault Norge uses Kindly's Virtual Shopping Assistant to help customers with their questions, giving them the confidence to book test drives.

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