Kindly Continues Global Growth, Adds New Office In Sweden

Oslo, March 18, 2021 – Kindly, the conversational commerce platform that turns interactions into results, today announced the opening of a new office in Stockholm. Located at Kungsgatan 64 in the Kvarteret Klockan neighbourhood, the new campaign office is part of Kindly’s expansive growth plan to build the next generation of the virtual shopping assistant.

Published by James Rice Mcaulay18.03.2021

The Stockholm office will be overseen by Kindly’s Country Manager, Sweden, Ramon Espinosa. Under Espinosa’s direction, Kindly will fulfill its pledge to help successful Swedish eCommerce clients continue to optimise digital conversations with shoppers to drive more on-site conversions. The team operating out of the new office will work to expand an already impressive Swedish client base that notably includes companies like Elgiganten, Ellos, First Rent A Car (Hertz), E.ON Sverige, and Happy Socks.

This new office is the latest step in our efforts to make every encounter between our clients and their customers amazing and memorable,” said Arash Saidi, CEO, Kindly. “Sweden has some of the most impressive eCommerce companies in the world, and we’re very excited to collaborate with existing and future clients in our pursuit of a world of outstanding online shopping experiences, backed by technology, that enables genuine one-to-one service between digital brands and eager consumers.”

Founded in 2016 in Oslo, Kindly grew from humble beginnings into a company dedicated to transforming the online shopping experience. With solutions that include user-friendly chatbots, machine learning technology and customised onsite messages, Kindly aims to recreate traditional in-store shopping experiences across digital channels. Believing that there are opportunities in every encounter of the online buying journey, Kindly is well on its way towards building first-class interactive customer experiences across all channels.

We believe that technology can provide the same degree of online personalised service as in-store shoppers receive,” said Saidi. “As we develop our virtual shopping assistant, we continue working towards our vision of creating online shopping that’s as pleasant and memorable as a visit to your favourite neighbourhood store.”

About Kindly

E-commerce businesses choose Kindly as an innovative and reliable partner to build exceptional on-site customer experiences that boost online sales and improve customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate Kindly’s implementation services and determination to provide committed and dedicated customer support for all related needs. Headquartered in Oslo, Kindly helps eCommerce brands transform any encounter, using any channel, and at any stage of the buying journey into a first-class customer experience that enables shoppers to immediately receive the right answers to their questions. Customers include Helly Hansen, Elkjøp, Ellos, Conrad Electronic, Schibsted, Kahoot!, Adecco, Tidal, and dozens of other businesses.

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