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  • Be Curious And Have Fun: The Kindly Career Path

    Published by James Rice Mcaulay19.11.2021
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    If you can have lots of fun at your job, you know you’re in the right place. If you can feel endlessly curious about how your company makes a difference in people’s lives, you’ll find inspiration to keep bringing your A-game to the job. If you feel passionate about innovative technology and making people’s lives better, you have ample opportunities to put that passion to good use.

    All of these qualities define what we look for in candidates to work for Kindly. We are an open, enthusiastic, fun, and flexible company eager to make our mark on the world of conversational commerce. We work hard to create a strong product and a great work environment, and we thrive on having fun, goal-oriented people join the team to help us achieve those dreams.

    We are openly transparent with all of our employees

    At Kindly, we believe that the workplace and culture are built upon an open and transparent form of communication. Everything we do is communicated upfront with all of our employees, including company updates, new product releases, successful marketing campaigns, major sales achievements, client renewal announcements, and everything you can think of in between all of those milestones.

    We’re an open book at Kindly, and we value people who feel the same way. Curiosity and passion are two other quality traits that we value in everyone we hire. We believe open communication builds upon natural curiosity and increases the passion for what we all do as a collective team to make a difference. We’re just as curious and passionate about what we do today as we were on the day we first started Kindly.

    If you love to be part of a community and a family in your workplace, Kindly is the perfect environment for you to utilize your skills and hit a new stride!

    We embrace flexible work and working from home

    COVID-19 changed the entire world in so many ways, including how people choose to work. Working from home used to be a rare opportunity for employees until the pandemic forced everyone into remote work environments. Now, the winds have changed and flexible work options are as important to people as their base salary. In fact, more and more people are choosing to simply leave their jobs than give up the option to work from home.

    Here at Kindly, you don’t have to worry about being in the office every day. Our employees can work full time from home, from the office, or a combination of the two. We want you to work from where you feel most productive. We promote a Hybrid workplace model, and we have employees as well as contract workers operating from all corners of the world to help us build our business. We believe that the most curious, passionate, and hard-working people can get things done from anywhere. We’re not going to stand in the way of great productivity just because you won’t be in the office.

    That being said, we do still have our office space in both Oslo and Stockholm for those who choose to come in for work. You can be there full-time or adopt a hybrid work model by coming into the office a couple times a week, and work at home the rest of the week. The exact mix of home and office work mode is a decision each employee and their manager make together.

    We promote career mapping to help you grow

    Kindly is an equal opportunity employer, but we also believe that opportunities should be available to help you grow in your own career. While you help us grow our business, we want to help you achieve your dreams as a working professional.

    Depending on your passions, your career mapping plan may include any or all of the following:

    • Options to take on added responsibilities
    • Chances to manage a team of workers
    • Guidelines on how to achieve a new work title
    • And more

    We want to help you have the type of role that will make you feel fulfilled and excited about being a part of a fun and vibrant team of professionals. As we’ve said, curiosity and passion are two traits we admire in anyone, and we want to do everything we can to keep the spark on those feelings burning as hot as it can.

    If you want a workplace that supports career mapping and has programs in place to help you achieve your dreams, Kindly is the best place for you to make it all happen!

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